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Tonight was crazy good vibes yo. I really don’t want school to start.

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This writer just replied to my email and they’re perfect for the blog yo I can’t wait to see em write some fire and give tips to help y’all dress 

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You my friend, are brilliant. I admire your determination, your strive to succeed, and your adventures. You are such an inspiring person, and I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished so far, that too at such a young age. Masha’Allah atchu. You always come through when needed, and you always manage to put a smile on my face with your words. I appreciate it so very much. I mean, you leave a few words every few days without fail, and it’s so heartwarming. Thank you. You’re a lovely soul, and I’m so glad to see the character improvement within you, hehe. You’re going to go beyond the skies one day, insha’Allah, and I hope I’m around to witness it. You’re setting an example for future generations, I swear. Stay determined, and focused. You have so much more to accomplish. I adore you, xo. 

I love you so much, damn.

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Petty comments are winning when they bother you enough that you check where they are coming from. Additionally, you made 1 tshirt, relax Hedi Slimane.

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Lmao I don’t have to check where they come from, when you run a website you get an email every time you get a comment with the ip address, location etc. I’m not bothered but clearly you are that you had to go on anon to send me this? Fuck Hedi Slimane.

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People from high school try to leave petty comments on my site because I’m actually doing something with my life but they don’t ever realize that I can see the IP the comment comes from. I can also what school they go to when they use their college’s wifi smh

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